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Re: Canary not singing.

Posted by Debby on 3/16/06
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    Hi Joe and Vicky, I have a male red factor canary, beautiful
    bird. I don't know if you guys know this or not, but when a
    canary is molting, they don't sing until its almost over. I had
    my red factor do this twice now.

    Just wanted to pass that info on to you. When it first happened
    when mine stopped, I had asked a bird breeder and she gave me
    the info. I also had searched the net.

    Hope this helps. It is molting season!


    > Joe,
    > Did you ever get any help with the canary issue? Mine has
    > done the same thing and I'm worried about him. He has the
    > most beautiful song (ALL DAY LONG) and now nothing. Any help
    > you can give would be most appreciated.
    > Vicki