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Re: angry zebra finches

Posted by Michael L on 9/26/05
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    On 9/26/05, janet wrote:
    > I have recently bought a pair of zebra finches to join the
    > current pair. But it has been 3 days and the 4 of them are
    > still fighting quite badly. please help, I dont know what
    > to do?
    > I thought zebra finches lives in hamony...

    What you are describing is not uncommon with Zebra finches.
    Actually, most finches will display this type of behavior
    when kept together.
    The secret to hamony with finches is to get beyond 6 birds to
    a cage. Of course this means having to have a very large
    cage, but when an even number of birds are kept in the same
    cage, especially pairs, aggression is very normal and
    If you introduced the new pair to the existing pairs cage,
    they will defend their space. Also, Zebras by nature, are
    inquisitive little busy bodies. Everything is their business.
    Four birds is one of the worst scenarios to have with Zebras.
    The chances of them ever getting along is virtually nil.
    And if these are two male/female pairs, the more dominant
    pair or birds will attack the weaker bird/s.
    Also, if and when breeding/nesting takes place (and it will
    with or without a nest) you will find more problems occur.
    Best bet is to have a huge cage is you want to house several
    birds together, or keep each pair in their own, respective

    Michael L