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Re: will zebra finches change partners?

Posted by Michael L on 9/26/05
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    On 9/26/05, janet wrote:
    > I have to give up a pair of the finches out of the four
    > coz' they wont get along. But I like the new female so
    > much and wanting to keep the old male. Do you think they
    > will forget the current partners and get together as a
    > pair?
    > I heard that zebras are very loyal and wont have new
    > partners until one of the them dies!!
    > Janet.

    Zebras are very "easy" birds. If they can't love the one
    they want, they love the one their with.
    You can repair them and all will be fine.
    Here's a thought. If your intentions were not to breed them,
    you can pair two males or two females together, too. Saves a
    lot of problems if you didn't want them to breed. And they
    will breed amd breed amd breed...

    Michael L