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Re: zebra finches: 1 male 2 females/Michael

Posted by Dave on 9/27/05
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    On 9/27/05, Dave wrote:
    > On 9/27/05, Michael L wrote:
    >> On 9/27/05, janet wrote:
    >>> Is it a totally wrong idea to keep 1 male zebra finch and
    >>> 2 females in one cage. I dont mind if a pair of them might
    >>> lay eggs, but what about the other female? Will the odd
    >>> one out be bullied?
    >> Janet,
    >> Three finches is not a good idea. Two birds work best when
    >> dealing in small numbers.
    >> When the two that pair up go to nest, the third bird will be
    >> odd man out, if this doesn't happen even before.
    >> Since it sounds as if you're wanting to keep the extra hen,
    >> is there not a possibility that you can just have two cages
    >> with each cage housing a pair?
    >> Michael L
    > Janet
    > Also another idea.. Finches are communal. If it's possible,
    > try to get 2 or 3 more finches. Put 2 nests in. Usually, in a
    > large pet store where the finches are housed, you'll see many
    > different species in one large cage. Most of the time, there's
    > a few nests there and the same species always wind up with each
    > other. Each species isn't aggressive with another species.
    > Zebras are about the most inexpensive finches to purchase so
    > you might want to get a few more of those. It's quite a sight
    > seeing them constantly going in and out of the nests and also
    > flying around. Usually one finch chooses another and because
    > there's other finches there, that pair doesn't get interfered
    > with.---Just a thought.Good luck------Dave

    Sorry Michael. Didn't realize that you already suggested this
    possible solution----Dave