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Re: gouldian finches

Posted by TammyS on 10/04/05
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    Hi Dillia,

    The costs of Gouldian Finches varies quite a bit based on your
    location. In the midwest (I am in IL), I sell my Normal Back
    Gouldians starting at $75 - and that is consistent with other
    breeders in my area.

    As for how long finches live - that really depends on the
    quality of care they receive. The "average" is said to be
    between 5-7 years, but I heard of some breeders who have
    finches 10+ years old.

    Hope that helps you out!


    On 9/27/05, dillia wrote:
    > I saw this add in the paper for gouldian finches.
    > the lady wants $85 each for them. she has three of them
    > one male and two females the male is about two yrs old and
    > the females one yr olds. I dont want them for breeding
    > just show. I think that they are beautiful.
    > I have two African greys Moses and Oliver
    > and a cockatiel named Pepper .
    > the reason why I am asking this' I am not sure how long
    > they live and what are the cost of them. I heard that it
    > can cost about $200.00 for a male. I would need to get
    > them a cage as well (no problem)
    > I am also looking for a peach colored canary' had one yrs
    > ago beautyful little singers' hubby bought him for me.
    > We had someone tend to my birds while we went on holidays
    > well they didnt feed them. I cried soo much
    > my Canaries were both dead' one peach colored and one
    > yellow. He bougth them for me at about 110 for both. Great
    > deal I know( will never get that again)
    > sooo pls help as too what is a good price for Gouldian
    > finches and canaries
    > Thank you
    > adillia

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