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Re: laid eggs, female died!

Posted by Bill on 10/10/05
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    On 10/09/05, Andrea wrote:
    > My mom had a paid of society finches. Friday night (10/07)
    > the female laid 3 eggs, and then we realized that through
    > the remainder of the night, she had died! We removed the
    > dead bird, and were told that getting another bird would
    > be the best idea. However, we have since got another bird
    > and major fighting is going on (I think it's two males
    > now). What should be done? Should I seperate these birds?
    > Should I attempt on getting a female? Would it be possible
    > for the "father" bird to take on the entire responsibility
    > of the eggs alone, and for them to survive?
    By the number of eggs laid, sounds like you may have had
    two females to start. So you may or may not have three
    fertile eggs. If the eggs are in a nest try leaving the
    original bird on it and see if she sits on the eggs or lays
    more. Don't worry just wait and see. You may have two
    females now. I use pairs of societies to foster eggs of
    other species. I've done it with a male/female pairs and
    also with male/male pairs. They are very devoted to
    incubating and feeding the young. If all fails, start over.
    Seperate the two birds for about a week. Put them together.
    If you have a male and female, he with churp and do a little
    dance for her.