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Re: One legged finch

Posted by Fran on 10/21/05
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    Rowena, a friend of mine has a finch who lost a leg due to
    an injury as a hatchling. Her bird has always been fine with
    her other finches, flies and perches on the good leg. If I
    were you I would try to let him go back into the aviary
    after he has recovered and learned to get around with his
    handicap. I would observe closely and if you find the
    others "harrassing" him and causing stress, you may want to
    consider a cage for him. That way you could rig
    it "handicapped" and your finch wouldn't have to fight for
    food, etc. I think sometimes healthy birds pick out one with
    a handicap to drive from the group, but now always, you'll
    just have to see how yours react. Good luck, would love to
    know how it turns out.