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Re: One legged finch

Posted by Rowena on 10/22/05
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    On 10/21/05, Fran wrote:
    > Rowena, a friend of mine has a finch who lost a leg due to
    > an injury as a hatchling. Her bird has always been fine with
    > her other finches, flies and perches on the good leg. If I
    > were you I would try to let him go back into the aviary
    > after he has recovered and learned to get around with his
    > handicap. I would observe closely and if you find the
    > others "harrassing" him and causing stress, you may want to
    > consider a cage for him. That way you could rig
    > it "handicapped" and your finch wouldn't have to fight for
    > food, etc. I think sometimes healthy birds pick out one with
    > a handicap to drive from the group, but now always, you'll
    > just have to see how yours react. Good luck, would love to
    > know how it turns out.

    Thanks Fran,
    Well so far, the vet wants to give the antibiotics and foot
    soaking a few more days before deciding on whether the leg has
    to go or not. I'll probably end up with a "tame" finch after
    all of this LOL!! I just think he loves the feel of the warm
    water on his foot, he closes his eyes and almost goes to sleep
    while I've got his foot soaking. He seems to get around just
    fine in the quarantine cage, but you're right, birds tend to
    pick on the sick, weak and injured ones, flock survival
    instinct I guess. Just don't like the looks of the leg and
    foot right now. But, will give him every chance I can to keep
    the leg. I'll keep the site updated on any changes and/or how
    he makes out when he goes back in the flight. Appreciate the
    response, not too many take the time to unless it's to "bash"
    the others, unfortunately. Thanks again, Rowena