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Re: One legged finch/Kitty J.

Posted by Rowena on 10/25/05
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    On 10/24/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    > I have a male white rumped mannikin, and well my cat got to
    > him back two years ago and well he lost a leg, and he is
    > thriving, but, he cannot reproduce, he is three years old,
    > and well he is doing good.

    Good to hear that yours is doing well. I'm not worried about
    this little one being a breeder, would have been nice, but not
    necessary. Just wanting a good quality of life for him if he
    does lose the leg, also don't like the thought of him being
    a "lone bird" in a cage, definitely want to put him back in the
    aviary with his pals, if they leave him alone. Rowena