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Post: So sad

Posted by Kitty.J on 11/09/05

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    Well last wensday my favorite female zebra finch died. I
    put her and her mate in a cage because she was moving too
    slow. And i found her in the water dish when i woke up in
    the morning. The water was only 1 inch high, so i believe
    she died in her sleep. Well its been a week from last
    wensday and well i put Max the male zebra finch in with my
    tame birds, so he doesn't get picked on or lonely. Well i
    always handfeed my birds, put food in my hand and inside
    the cage, well yesterday Max fle wover to my hand and
    started to eat some egg from my hand, i actually felt his
    beak against my hand and when i moved my hand around to my
    other birds so they can eat he followed. I guess his wild
    side is gone or he just loved those eggs. So i also tried
    it with seeds, and my veggies and fruits i feed them every
    day, and guess what, he was at my hand eavh time, though
    he was alittle warry to eat the fruit in my hand, he did
    eat. Don't worry i do not plan to have him as my tame pet,
    if he is that. I believe he just believe my hand wont hurt
    my best tame birdie friends and it wont hurt him. Also i
    am breding my oldest pair of zebras who are strong
    breeders and well i will let Max choose his mate, they may
    be ready near Christmas and hopefully there is more than
    one female to choose form. Kinda sad to see a zebra finch
    that was very wild when i was even near the cage to become
    tame enough to eat out of my hand. I feel like one of
    those lil old ladies feeding wild pigeons.

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