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Re: Need advice ASAP!

Posted by Fran on 11/10/05
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    On 11/10/05, Rowena wrote:
    > Need to pick your brain!! Momma keet has 2 two week old
    > hatchlings in box, just hatched another egg last night! I
    > don't think she's feeding it, got it pushed off to the
    > of the nest box away from it's siblings and it's crop
    > empty. I have some societies on new hatchlings right now,
    > will/can they foster a keet baby? I've had them foster
    > other finch hatchlings but don't know about a keet baby.
    > Need to do something real soon, don't know how to
    > handfeed. Ideas???????!!!!!
    > Rowena

    I don't breed but I would recommend getting immediate
    advice/help from your avian vet or a breeder in your area.
    You may have to handfeed this baby and if you wait for
    replies on a chatboard it may be too late.