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Re: Need advice ASAP!/Fran

Posted by Rowena on 11/14/05
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    On 11/10/05, Fran wrote:
    > On 11/10/05, Rowena wrote:
    >> Need to pick your brain!! Momma keet has 2 two week old
    >> hatchlings in box, just hatched another egg last night! I
    >> don't think she's feeding it, got it pushed off to the
    > side
    >> of the nest box away from it's siblings and it's crop
    > looks
    >> empty. I have some societies on new hatchlings right now,
    >> will/can they foster a keet baby? I've had them foster
    >> other finch hatchlings but don't know about a keet baby.
    >> Need to do something real soon, don't know how to
    >> handfeed. Ideas???????!!!!!
    >> Rowena
    > I don't breed but I would recommend getting immediate
    > advice/help from your avian vet or a breeder in your area.
    > You may have to handfeed this baby and if you wait for
    > replies on a chatboard it may be too late.

    Thanks Fran, you were right. I actually didn't wait for any
    replies but went to my vet and got shown how to handfeed and
    picked up the formula but by the time I got back, about two
    hours or so, baby was already was gone. I don't intentionally
    breed either, but these two birds were in quarantine time
    before getting to join the rest in the flight, and she just did
    her thing. I'm just hoping that "momma knew best" about this
    little one. But I'm prepared if happens again (I think!).
    Thanks for replying. Rowena