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Re: Sexing society finch

Posted by Michael L on 11/14/05
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    On 11/14/05, Jon wrote:
    > How exactly can you sex a society finch? i try to listen but
    > both make same twittering sounds.

    If both birds are making the same "twittering" sound then
    possibly they are the same gender.
    Society males have a distinct "song" or sound whereas the
    hens do not. They tend to cheep.
    One almost surefire way to see if they are different or same
    gender is to remove one from the cage and put it in another
    cage. Take "it" from the room where the other one is,
    keeping it out of sight and sound for several hours or a day.
    Return the bird to the other bird and if one, or both, are
    males, he will usually start to sing within minutes when he
    sees the other one.
    Another thing to know is that if both are males, sometimes
    the more submissive male will not sing in front of the more
    domimant male and will take on the characteristics of the
    hen. When they are separated, the more submissive male will
    also sing when out of sight of the other more donimant male.

    Michael L