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Post: Update on one-legged finch/Fran/Kitty J.

Posted by Rowena on 11/14/05

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    Hi, just thought I'd update ya all on the little guy. So
    far, seems to be doing great, just like you both said. We
    didn't have lose the whole leg, between the antibiotics and
    the warm hydrotherapy, it seemed to work! YeaH!!! He is
    minus the back toe and the right outside front toe. The
    other two front toes are frozen straight out, there is a
    big pad of scar tissue around the ankle joint so he can't
    flex the foot or close his toes. But he is using it to
    balance just fine and the leg is nice and pink again. I
    put him in a breeder's flight cage with about 4 other
    really passive gouldians and it seems to be working out
    well. Give it a couple more weeks, then we'll try the big
    flight. Thanks for all your help. Can always use good
    advice and moral support.
    Thanks again, Rowena

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