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Re: i plan to buy a canary

Posted by Michael L on 11/15/05
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    On 11/15/05, Jon wrote:
    > thanks for your reply guys but i haven't tried it yet.
    > anyway, i plan to buy a pair of canaries. i heard that there
    > is actually a specific kind of canary that sings beautifuly,
    > can anyone tell me which is this? are canaries easy to

    There are song type canaries that are bred specifically for
    their song. There are other type canaries that are bred for
    color, size, etc. Many of these kinds of canaries sing too,
    but the song is not as developed as those that sing by their
    breeding. Actually, all male canaries have some natural song.

    Breeding canaries is like breeding any bird. It should not
    be taken lightly and as much education should be gathered to
    see if this is something you feel you can do responsibly.
    I would suggest not starting out with too many pairs until
    you have a handle on what's involved and to see what your
    local market can handle. Also, buy the very best stock you
    can find from a good breeder. High quality produces high

    Michael L

    Song Type Canaries