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Re: i plan to buy a canary

Posted by Linda on 11/28/05
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    Glad u have an interst in canaries; my personal favorite for
    about 12 years now. All breeds of canaries that I have had
    and know of sing (males of course). What I find is the
    singing is very much due to environment. Happy, healthy
    canaries will sing their hearts out for your enjoyment! Mine
    love the sound of water running, other birds and CD's, I also
    serve them a varied diet. Mine are in good size cages (not
    the little canary cage). They love real flight and are happy
    campers. Molting can be very major and over the years the
    most preventive method I've found is to cover them when the
    sun sets and uncover early morning. Molt time is reduced and
    thus they are healthier. Owning canaries and raising
    canaries are of course two different things. Proceed slowly.
    I'd recommend you own some first before you get involved in
    breeding. Make sure you know and understand the breed.
    Start mating with just one pair, see your success and also
    what outlets you have for selling. You don't want to flood
    your market and get "stuck" with lots of adult birds. What
    is the market for females? Whatever you do, do it for the
    birds and you will be more successful. Bird buyers want a
    breeder that loves their birds more than the profit. Good
    luck and come back to the site with any questions or
    decisions. Good people here.

    On 11/15/05, Jon wrote:
    > thanks for your reply guys but i haven't tried it yet.
    > anyway, i plan to buy a pair of canaries. i heard that there
    > is actually a specific kind of canary that sings beautifuly,
    > can anyone tell me which is this? are canaries easy to