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Re: i plan to buy a canary

Posted by Pat on 12/22/05
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    Hi Jon,

    The canaries bred for song are the American Singer(must be
    banded with AS closed band to be considered a AS bird), the
    German Roller, Waterslager, Russian Canary (hard to find in
    the US) and the Spanish Timbrado. Actually, I believe all
    these birds should be closed banded with a breed/club
    specific band and you should buy from a breeder that is a
    member of one of these clubs.

    On 11/15/05, Jon wrote:
    > thanks for your reply guys but i haven't tried it yet.
    > anyway, i plan to buy a pair of canaries. i heard that there
    > is actually a specific kind of canary that sings beautifuly,
    > can anyone tell me which is this? are canaries easy to