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Post: Im new to finches an need advise please.

Posted by Tracey on 11/19/05

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    Hi all, My name is Tracey and I need help. I newly
    accuired 2 Fenches, we have had them for about 3 months
    now, I was told when we bought them that we were given a
    male and female. About a week ago I noticed that there was
    1 egg in th new nest that i had went and bought them a
    week b4, but there was never any more to follow, they only
    laid 1, is this normal? Well, about 3 days later, i
    noticed the lil egg was laying in th bottom of the cage, I
    was heart broken ...why did this happen? I dotn
    understand ...Please help. Is it a bad idea to have the
    cage near the front door where the breezes come and go?
    Any1 that could help Id really appreciate it and thanks

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