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Re: Im new to finches an need advise please.

Posted by Kitty.J on 11/21/05
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    On 11/19/05, Tracey wrote:
    > Hi all, My name is Tracey and I need help. I newly
    > accuired 2 Fenches, we have had them for about 3 months
    > now, I was told when we bought them that we were given a
    > male and female. About a week ago I noticed that there was
    > 1 egg in th new nest that i had went and bought them a
    > week b4, but there was never any more to follow, they only
    > laid 1, is this normal? Well, about 3 days later, i
    > noticed the lil egg was laying in th bottom of the cage, I
    > was heart broken ...why did this happen? I dotn
    > understand ...Please help. Is it a bad idea to have the
    > cage near the front door where the breezes come and go?
    > Any1 that could help Id really appreciate it and thanks

    What type of finches are they, what do they look like? Have
    you heard one sing yet? Well don't be heart broken it better
    be on the floor of the cage, if you have two females they
    will lay eggs and eggs and well may become egg bound because
    of lack of calcium (which is taken out of the mother for the
    egg) and if its the pair, and you did not see them mate then
    i guess the female is just laying an egg, its shows they may
    be ready to breed. It wouldn't be fertile unless you have
    seen them work the nest and the male singing and the female
    quivering her tail crazy, and ofcourse the mating, and also
    when you have the birds feed them greens and fruits, this
    assures that the eggs may be fertile. Also during the time
    of laying the eggs and incubating and raising th eyoung you
    should feed eggs, like scrambled eggs, to make sure the
    babies are being well fed, and getign their protien. Which
    not always they will be even if you see them mate. They may
    have a clutch of eggs but thats only the beginning and who
    knows you may have two females, or an actual pair. Also if
    you see them mate but the male does not sing. Let me tell
    you that sometimes two females will take the mate, yes its
    weird, but they are confused. I have seen in the past that
    my two female tame zebra finches tried to mate, they made
    the callings and one fanned the tail and the other hopped
    aboard. But nothing serious like actual mating, they just
    look like they're trying. Well i hope to hear from you and
    good luck with the birds.