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Re: 2 male finches together in 1 cage

Posted by carol g. on 12/04/05
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    On 12/04/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 12/04/05, carol g. wrote:
    >> Hi All;
    >> I am considering adding 2 finches to my bird flock,I
    >> already have 2 lovebirds, but I don't want any finch
    >> babies,I know I couldn't part with them, but I know
    >> finches would be lonely without a cage friend. What I was
    >> wondering, how would 2 male finches get along, or would 2
    >> females be a better choice? Thank you very much for any
    >> help.
    >> carol g.
    > You're idea is a good one. Two same-gender birds make for a
    > fine finch couple. The males get along equally well as do
    > the females. Pick what gender you find more appealing.
    > Michael L

    Thank you Michael L, I now just have to decide if I want 2
    males or 2 females. That is a hard decision to make.
    carol g.