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Re: Sad Canary

Posted by carol g. on 12/05/05
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    On 12/04/05, Feynman wrote:
    > My male canary has been sad ever since his girlfriend died
    > about a year ago. Lately I've been thinking about getting
    > him a friend, but don't have the time to deal with baby
    > canaries. Would it be ok to put another male canary in or
    > would is be better to get a finch (they would be sharing a
    > large cage)? If so, what kind of finch and gender would be
    > best?
    Hi, Feynman;
    If I were you, if my bird was sad and lonely, I would get
    him a cage buddy. Just like Micheal L. said, if you get him
    a bird of the same kind, of the same gender, there will not
    be any babies and he would no longer be lonely. Birds are
    flock animals in the wild, why should they be alone in a
    cage? I would hate to be alone in a cage, if I were a bird.
    Well, I hope this helps, Feynman,and soon you will have two
    happy canaries.
    carol g.