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Re: Sad Canary

Posted by Kitty.J on 12/06/05
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    On 12/05/05, carol g. wrote:
    > On 12/04/05, Feynman wrote:
    >> My male canary has been sad ever since his girlfriend died
    >> about a year ago. Lately I've been thinking about getting
    >> him a friend, but don't have the time to deal with baby
    >> canaries. Would it be ok to put another male canary in or
    >> would is be better to get a finch (they would be sharing a
    >> large cage)? If so, what kind of finch and gender would be
    >> best?
    > Hi, Feynman;
    > If I were you, if my bird was sad and lonely, I would get
    > him a cage buddy. Just like Micheal L. said, if you get him
    > a bird of the same kind, of the same gender, there will not
    > be any babies and he would no longer be lonely. Birds are
    > flock animals in the wild, why should they be alone in a
    > cage? I would hate to be alone in a cage, if I were a bird.
    > Well, I hope this helps, Feynman,and soon you will have two
    > happy canaries.
    > carol g.

    Well you could get him a mate just don't let him breed and if
    they do, shake the eggs up or put fake ones in, so no baby
    grows :) But i wouldn't do this once the embryo grows...