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Re: Sad Canary

Posted by Pat on 12/22/05
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    Do not put another adult male canary in the same cage. Canaries
    are not social like many other finches. Hearing another male in
    the distant will make your bird think there are other females
    around and he might start singing again. You might check his diet
    to make sure he's getting enough protien to get him singing again.
    Bee Pollen always gets mine going and even the song food diets they
    sell in the Pet Stores. Speaking of Pet Stores, some do house more
    than one canary in a cage but usually it's in a very large flight
    cage and they do get along better this way because they can find
    thier own space.

    On 12/20/05, Linda wrote:
    > From everything I've read, u should not put two males together.
    > If you don't want to mate, i would get another male and put them
    > in seperate cages. They will sing back and forth and each have
    > their own space. Double trouble... in stereo!! Good luck.
    > Linda
    > On 12/06/05, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> On 12/05/05, carol g. wrote:
    >>> On 12/04/05, Feynman wrote:
    >>>> My male canary has been sad ever since his girlfriend died
    >>>> about a year ago. Lately I've been thinking about getting
    >>>> him a friend, but don't have the time to deal with baby
    >>>> canaries. Would it be ok to put another male canary in or
    >>>> would is be better to get a finch (they would be sharing a
    >>>> large cage)? If so, what kind of finch and gender would be
    >>>> best?
    >>> Hi, Feynman;
    >>> If I were you, if my bird was sad and lonely, I would get
    >>> him a cage buddy. Just like Micheal L. said, if you get him
    >>> a bird of the same kind, of the same gender, there will not
    >>> be any babies and he would no longer be lonely. Birds are
    >>> flock animals in the wild, why should they be alone in a
    >>> cage? I would hate to be alone in a cage, if I were a bird.
    >>> Well, I hope this helps, Feynman,and soon you will have two
    >>> happy canaries.
    >>> carol g.
    >> Well you could get him a mate just don't let him breed and if
    >> they do, shake the eggs up or put fake ones in, so no baby
    >> grows :) But i wouldn't do this once the embryo grows...