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Re: Feather eating?

Posted by Cassima on 12/18/05
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    If the male and female have weaned their youngsters, seperate
    them. This is because the female gets agressive towards the
    male (it is all a mating behavior) and their internal clocks
    need to be re-synced. This can be done by removing them from
    the sunlight, and placing them in seperate compartments/cages
    so they cannot physicly interact.

    Allow the feathers the male lost to grow back, and by that
    time they should be a bit easier on each other. This is
    nothing to worry about yet, but you might want to seperate
    them soon before one hurts the other. It is common, after the
    young are weaned, that the parents do this.

    On 12/06/05, Kristen wrote:
    > I have 1 male, and 1 female zebra finch. Recently, the
    > female had laid about 7 eggs, and only 2 of them survived.
    > Well, i've noticed that they keep picking each others
    > feathers, and eating them....? Can somebody please tell me
    > if this is normal...the female has been picking so many of
    > the males feathers that, the male has bald spots now.
    > Please help!!