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Re: Canary Gender??

Posted by m on 12/23/05
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    On 12/23/05, Mimi & Cocco wrote:
    > Hi, I am not sure if anyone has the answer...I am trying
    > to find out the gender of our canaries. They were given
    > to my fiance and I and we were told they were only little
    > babies....Niether of them sing, the just chirp. We were
    > told that they were male and female. Cocco is way bigger
    > than mimi, I don't know if that means anything...Someone
    > please help me figure it out. Thank-you

    Canaries are not sexually dimorphic so you will have to wait
    until one or both of them start to sing.
    Males sing, females usually do not. I say usually because on
    the rarest of occasions a hen may sing softly.
    Size has nothing to do with gender.
    If they are housed together in the same cage you can separate
    them into separate cages which will encourage males to sing.
    It goes without saying that if they are siblings, you would
    not want them to breed.

    Michael L