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Re: Canary Gender??

Posted by Leinad on 8/03/06
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    On 12/23/05, Mimi & Cocco wrote:
    > Hi, I am not sure if anyone has the answer...I am trying
    > to find out the gender of our canaries. They were given
    > to my fiance and I and we were told they were only little
    > babies....Niether of them sing, the just chirp. We were
    > told that they were male and female. Cocco is way bigger
    > than mimi, I don't know if that means anything...Someone
    > please help me figure it out. Thank-you

    Well if they don't sing it's most likely that they're are
    both girls. Girls don't sing much, they chirp and shred
    paper a lot. So see if they do either they might be girls.