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Re: Weaning Canaries

Posted by Treasa on 12/28/05
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    On 12/28/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 12/28/05, Treasa wrote:
    >> Hi
    >> I have a hen that hatched out one one chick a bit back.
    >> The chick fledged this past weekend, and "Dad" has been
    >> doing a great job feeding it.
    >> I noticed this morning though..."Dad" is being pretty mean
    >> to the chick, and singing to my hen agian, who is now on
    >> eggs.
    >> Do I pull "Dad" out..he is still feeding the chick..I just
    >> saw him do it, even though when he isnt feeding he is
    >> scaring him all over the cage..I have yet to see this chick
    >> feed himself.
    >> HELP!! Your thoughts would be appreciated!
    > Very normal behavior for a male/father canary towards his
    > offspring, especially when the pair wants to go back to nest.
    > Most canary breeding cages are divided. Don't know if you're
    > using one of those? If so, keep the fledgling on the one
    > side with a variety of foods such as egg food, spray millet
    > and seed. If the bird is just learning to eat, the father
    > will still be able to feed the baby through the bars of the
    > cage without causing harm to the bird.
    > If you're not using a divided cage. Remove the baby and
    > observe it closely to make sure it is eating. Chances are it
    > is, especially if it has a variety of foods to choose from.
    > Putting these foods on the floor of the cage also helps the
    > young bird find and explore eating them.
    > Since the hen is on new eggs, this baby sounds old enough to
    > be on it's own.
    > Good luck.
    > Michael L
    Hi Michael
    Thanks for the info..I dont have a dividing cage, but I do have
    an extra floor grate, I guess I could wire to one side.
    The chick hatched that makes it about 3 weeks old
    I have alot to learn, as I had only 2 canaries, and have just
    bought 10 from a lady who was selling out.
    Im educating myself and your answer sure helped me!
    How many canaries do you have??