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Re: Weaning Canaries

Posted by Michael L on 12/28/05
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    On 12/28/05, Treasa wrote:
    > Hi Michael
    > Thanks for the info..I dont have a dividing cage, but I do have
    > an extra floor grate, I guess I could wire to one side.
    > The chick hatched that makes it about 3 weeks old
    > today.
    > I have alot to learn, as I had only 2 canaries, and have just
    > bought 10 from a lady who was selling out.
    > Im educating myself and your answer sure helped me!
    > How many canaries do you have??
    > Thanks
    > Treasa


    I used to have canaries and finches many years ago. I no longer
    breed them. I had American Singers and Border canaries. I have
    hookbills at this point in time.

    If you're just starting out, you might want to consider getting
    divided breeding cages for your birds. When canaries beging the
    breeding cycle which is now through the Spring, they often times
    do not get along. The hen needs her alone space for
    constructing her nest and then the male can be introduced. The
    divided cage is essential for harmony between the pairs.
    Canaries can be aggressive between male/female pairs aa well as
    males fighting amongst themselves.
    Good luck with your new hobby.

    Michael L