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Re: Weaning Canaries

Posted by Treasa on 12/28/05
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    On 12/28/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 12/28/05, Treasa wrote:
    >> Hi Michael
    >> Thanks for the info..I dont have a dividing cage, but I do have
    >> an extra floor grate, I guess I could wire to one side.
    >> The chick hatched that makes it about 3 weeks old
    >> today.
    >> I have alot to learn, as I had only 2 canaries, and have just
    >> bought 10 from a lady who was selling out.
    >> Im educating myself and your answer sure helped me!
    >> How many canaries do you have??
    >> Thanks
    >> Treasa
    > Theresa,
    > I used to have canaries and finches many years ago. I no longer
    > breed them. I had American Singers and Border canaries. I have
    > hookbills at this point in time.
    > If you're just starting out, you might want to consider getting
    > divided breeding cages for your birds. When canaries beging the
    > breeding cycle which is now through the Spring, they often times
    > do not get along. The hen needs her alone space for
    > constructing her nest and then the male can be introduced. The
    > divided cage is essential for harmony between the pairs.
    > Canaries can be aggressive between male/female pairs aa well as
    > males fighting amongst themselves.
    > Good luck with your new hobby.
    > Michael L

    I bought some cagees and racks from this lady for my new hobby.
    Im going to try to figure out how I can divide the cages..there
    should be enough room in them.
    I did take the chick out this afternoon, and put it alone. He
    (She?) is in a cage right next to the parents, and I saw it eating
    on it's own! YAH!! I went out and bought some Petamine Nestling
    food today.
    Thanks for all the info..I have learned alot today from you!
    I will try to attach a picture of my new "hobby" room.. hope it
    works! :)