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Re: Weaning Canaries

Posted by Michael L on 12/28/05
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    On 12/28/05, Treasa wrote:
    > I bought some cagees and racks from this lady for my new hobby.
    > Im going to try to figure out how I can divide the cages..there
    > should be enough room in them.
    > I did take the chick out this afternoon, and put it alone. He
    > (She?) is in a cage right next to the parents, and I saw it eating
    > on it's own! YAH!! I went out and bought some Petamine Nestling
    > food today.
    > Thanks for all the info..I have learned alot today from you!
    > I will try to attach a picture of my new "hobby" room.. hope it
    > works! :)
    > Treasa

    Very nice set up, Treasa. I think you're going to do just fine!
    And being able to post a picture on Birdmart tells me tons about you!
    Good luck.

    Michael L