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Re: compatability

Posted by Cassima on 1/06/06
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    You have to look at the factors: How old were they when you
    placed them together? Were they young enough to learn how to co-
    exist? Do they have their own set boundries and places in the

    You have to look at the scope of things. There is much testiment
    that states that Sociaty finches are the best at being cages with
    other birds... Maybe you got lucky. I have a freind who's Double-
    Yellow Front amazon has an English Budgie for a best freind and
    cagemate, when normally, bigger birds are REALLY annoyed by
    smaller ones- and the Amazon could snap that Budgies neck in a

    As a general rule, I do not even place the same-species birds in
    the same cage. Diamond Doves and Sociaty Finches have very mild
    temperments, but I would not want to risk injury to either/or.

    It is also said that cockatiels can deal with finches and budgies
    as a cage mate, and I ran into the unfortunate occurance that the
    tiel was chasing the finches around the cage, but the finches
    were trying to pull out the tiels' crest. He retaliated and broke
    the one of the finches leg with a snap of his beak. I will always
    recommend this to any bird owner.

    On 1/05/06, Chris wrote:
    > On 1/05/06, Cassima wrote:
    >> They can be, but when female finches want to mate (male
    >> present or not), they can become agressive and territorial-
    >> and can nest in the food dish, keeping any other birds from
    >> eating, let it be with other finches or other birds in
    >> general. I would suggest not to allow different species live
    >> in the cage. As with any other time, there can be bloody and
    >> life-threatening fights between the different species. Toes
    >> are at risk no matter how well they are said to co-exist,
    >> even with same-species caged together.
    >> On 1/01/06, max wrote:
    >>> just got a pair of female finches, wondered if any other
    >>> birds, canarys for instance would be compatible in the
    >>> same cage. thanks in advance max.
    > I have 2 society finch m/f and a female diamond dove in the
    > same cage. They do great together. The finch perch close to
    > the dove and the male even seranades the dove at times. No
    > harrassing and no aggression.