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Re: Baldness & Worming Canaries

Posted by Michael L on 1/11/06
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    On 1/11/06, Treasa wrote:
    > Could someone tell me what they worm their canaries with,
    > and and good or bad experiences with what they have used.
    > I have recently got a male canary and have noticed a bald
    > spot on his head...could this be casued by needing to be
    > wormed?
    > Thanks! :)


    Worming any bird is not something that should be taken
    lightly. The medication is strong, as it needs to be, and
    often times the bird is not receptive to drinking the water
    that it is in.
    I have used Worm Out Gel wich works well and was endorsed by
    my avian vet.
    But before you do decide to do it, you should have a fecal
    done to determine if your birds are truly infected.
    Most cage birds are not infested as it is usually birds that
    are kept outdoors and have access to soil.
    A bald spot on the back of the head would not be an
    indication of worms. There could be several reasons for this.
    He might have been plucked by another bird or possibly has
    mites. If he is kept singularly, the baldness will regrow if
    it is plucking.
    Mites can be seen if you cover the cage with a white cloth at
    night and first thing in the morning, observe the cloth and
    if the bird has mites, you will see the tiniest of smalle
    reddish black dots on the cloth. This would be mites.

    Michael L

    Worm Out Gel