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Re: Baldness & Worming Canaries

Posted by Michael L on 1/12/06
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    On 1/12/06, Treasa wrote:
    > Thanks Michael
    > Your SO helpful when someone has a question. One of my friends
    > said it was probably worms, so I was worried.
    > This little guy only has it on the back of his head. He is now
    > in a cage by himself, I did that right away yesterday. He never
    > had what I would call a "full" moult this year.
    > I will cover him with a white cloth for a few days at night and
    > see what happens.
    > It probably wouldnt hurt to spray him down with mite spray
    > though would it?
    > One more thing Ive noticed since yesterday...his droppings are
    > VERY loose, and have a foal odor..any ideas on this?
    > Thanks SO Much!!
    > Treasa


    A good product to have on hand with canaries (an other birds) is
    Avain Insect Liquidator. It is a mite/insect spray that is
    extremely safe to use on all birds as it is not chemically based,
    but rather uses ingredients derived from pyrethrins which is
    plant-based. It's so safe that young chicks can be sprayed
    should the need arise.
    As far as loose and foul-smelling stool, that certainly could
    indicate something more serious going on. If you do have a vet
    handy that sees birds, take just a stool sample and ask for a
    gram stain/fecal to be done. You shouldn't have to take the bird
    in for this. If something found that is serious, you might have
    to bring the bird in, but usually most vets are happy to perform
    the test without seeing the bird. This could certainly rule out
    a lot of concerns that you might have. If and when canaries get
    truly sick, they don't last long. But I'm not implying that
    there is something wrong, just that your description of the stool
    is not normal. Could you have given him some foods that he's not
    used to eating that could have caused this?

    Michael L

    Avian Insect Liquidator