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Posted by Michael L on 1/14/06
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    On 1/14/06, RANDY HUDSON wrote:
    > I breed 20 pair of different Zebra mutation. And was
    > looking for a good seed mix at reasonable cost. Most of the
    > mixes I find have little bits of who knows what and died
    > red, blue and green hulled oats. Black seeds of Thisle,
    > Niger also Hemp. My bird eat none of this. So I waste 25 to
    > 30 lbs of 100 lbs feeding this type of seed mix. Do any of
    > you know a good brand that sells direct and does want me to
    > sell the farm to buy from them. Thxs

    I've included a link for Herman Brothers. They have several
    finch mixes that you can look at and they list the
    ingredients of all of them. They are a mom and pop operation
    and are very accommodating. They will also custom blend a
    seed mix to your specifications.
    The problem is the expense of shipping. Don't know where you
    If you live near a farm feed supply, you can buy straight
    seed such as white/proso millet, red millet, german millet,
    japanese millet, canary seed, and other seeds and make your
    own blend. I've found this to be the most economical method
    of getting what you want.
    I'm also fortunate to live close to a Higgins wholesaler and
    can buy their mixes which are excellent. They make a finch
    mix with nothing but seed in it. I don't believe you can buy
    direct from Higgins.
    Good luck.

    Michael L

    Herman Brothers