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Re: sexing Java ficnhes

Posted by Dina on 3/29/06
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    The Normal Javas are very easy to sex. Like you said the
    beak is a great place to start. The Males Beak will have a
    ridge at the top almost like a bump; darker red in color and
    larger (wider). The females will be smaller and no ridge on
    the top and less red. The eyering of the Male will be much
    brighter and more red than the female. The stripe on the
    head is also wider in the Male than female but is harder to
    look at unless the are sitting side by side.

    If you really want to be postive yes the Males will sing
    their little hearts out. At least my three do!

    On 1/25/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > I know how to sex them by looking at the beak and in some
    > colors the colors of the feathers, but what about a normal
    > colored java. i went to Jones and Co. pets (petstore) and
    > they have java finches in a cage together, i know there
    > must be just one male there!!! I have 2 females, i need a
    > male, my females being paired together lay too many
    > eggs... How do you sex javas by just looking at them, do
    > they sing a lot like zebra or society finches so i wont
    > have to wait a long time to find a potentail mate for my
    > females. I have patience so should i just sit on the floor
    > watching the stores birds hoping one will sing, if that is
    > what i have to do i will! But is there a way i can just
    > look at them and tell, like from a few feet away. Like is
    > the male bigger or does one of the sexes always have its
    > tailed raised high ( my male society finches do that!)
    > Well in help on this matter is appretiated, thanks!