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Re: sexing Java ficnhes

Posted by Dina on 3/30/06
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    My pair that are sitting on eggs are the normal colored Java's;
    my other two Males are Fawn color. Not the color you are
    looking for if you're after a Normal Male.

    On 3/29/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > On 3/29/06, Dina wrote:
    >> The Normal Javas are very easy to sex. Like you said the
    >> beak is a great place to start. The Males Beak will have a
    >> ridge at the top almost like a bump; darker red in color and
    >> larger (wider). The females will be smaller and no ridge on
    >> the top and less red. The eyering of the Male will be much
    >> brighter and more red than the female. The stripe on the
    >> head is also wider in the Male than female but is harder to
    >> look at unless the are sitting side by side.
    >> If you really want to be postive yes the Males will sing
    >> their little hearts out. At least my three do!
    >> On 1/25/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >>> I know how to sex them by looking at the beak and in some
    >>> colors the colors of the feathers, but what about a normal
    >>> colored java. i went to Jones and Co. pets (petstore) and
    >>> they have java finches in a cage together, i know there
    >>> must be just one male there!!! I have 2 females, i need a
    >>> male, my females being paired together lay too many
    >>> eggs... How do you sex javas by just looking at them, do
    >>> they sing a lot like zebra or society finches so i wont
    >>> have to wait a long time to find a potentail mate for my
    >>> females. I have patience so should i just sit on the floor
    >>> watching the stores birds hoping one will sing, if that is
    >>> what i have to do i will! But is there a way i can just
    >>> look at them and tell, like from a few feet away. Like is
    >>> the male bigger or does one of the sexes always have its
    >>> tailed raised high ( my male society finches do that!)
    >>> Well in help on this matter is appretiated, thanks!
    > Hey i'll trade you a female for one of your males, lol. Thanks
    > for replying, i know i've looked up their info before but
    > sometimes you need to hear it for sure from other people,
    > thanks again