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Re: sexing Java ficnhes

Posted by Kitty.J on 3/31/06
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    On 3/31/06, Dina wrote:
    > It's frustrating! I've been searching for a Fawn female as well.
    > You don't come across Java's as much as other finches like the
    > zebra's or society; at least not in KY.
    > On 3/30/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> I do not care about color, i believe fawns and whites are
    >> extrmemly pretty birds. But we probably live too far apart, lol

    Yeah i know! But society finches are not as pluntiful as they use to
    be. There many many zebra finches here in ashington but, around where
    i live society finches arn't here, and when they are they have gotten
    expensive!! also any other type of finch species is rare around
    here... :(