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Re: ?blind finch?

Posted by Michael L on 2/17/06
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    On 2/16/06, Tiffany wrote:
    > i just bought a couple of female cordons from a pet shop
    > because they didn't look to be in good condition and they
    > were obscenely cheap. I've had them for 3 weeks one is
    > doing quite well has become very loud and active and is
    > looking very sleak. the other was seeming to get better
    > till about a week ago when she seemed to "go blind" i had
    > a few things in mind for what it could be and i thought
    > she would go south quicky but she isn't she is not acting
    > sick just blind. i know this is wierd, i keep saying she
    > couldn't go blind. can somebody help me figure out what
    > this is or what to do? has anyone ever heard of a blind
    > finch? is it even possible?

    Tiffany, it is most certainly possible for a finch to go
    There are a number of reasons and it would probably be
    difficult to say for sure what caused it. It might be a
    genetic defect, a nutritional deficiency or a health-related
    I had a Zebra finch that was born without eyes due to an
    inbreeding issue. This bird was a result of a clutch of
    birds that I had whose parents were so closely related, but
    at the time, I had no idea as I purchased them from what I
    know now to be an unscrupulous breeder.
    This bird adapted very well and learned to eat and drink
    because she learned where her food and water dishes were. I
    couldn't change them as this would confuse her. She would
    even roost on a higher perch in the flight with the other
    She had absolutely no eyes. Just slits in the places where
    they should have been.
    I do think you can be successful with this new Cordon
    providing nothing else is wrong with it. Good luck to you.

    Michael L