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Post: Feather Lumps

Posted by Denise on 2/28/06

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    I have had a problem with what I think is "feather lumps"
    with my canaries. Their nails and beak grow extremely
    quickly and I will notice that their feathers are not
    smooth, but a few stick out. The base of the feathers
    that stick out is very thick and if I pull it out, there
    is a lot of white, powdery matter---keratin, I think.
    This substance makes big lumps under the canary's skin.
    Sometimes I can remove them, and other times it bleeds a
    lot and I'm afraid I'll hurt the bird. In all cases, the
    birds have died much earlier than they should have. I have
    noticed that it happens with birds from a particular
    breeder, and their offspring.

    I have a beautiful red factor female I wanted to breed,
    but I can see she has some of her feathers sticking out
    and they are thick at the base. She doesn't have lumps
    yet. Is there anything at all I can do to prevent her
    from getting them like the other birds? I would really
    appreciate any help!

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