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Re: Feather Lumps

Posted by Denise on 2/28/06
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    Thanks for your response. I do think my hen is showing the
    beginning of the problem, as that is just how it started with
    the other two. I absolutely won't breed her, and I don't plan
    to buy any more birds from the person I bought her from. I
    just wanted to know if there was anything I could do for her
    to minimize the cysts. Since it's just starting, I wonder if
    the feathers that stick out and are thick at the bottom should
    be removed, as that is where the cysts will form. But that
    might be a lot of feathers.

    Do you know if this condition causes the birds to die? I lost
    one today, only a few years old. I took her out of the flight
    cage to ensure that she didn't have to compete for food, and I
    tried to remove the cysts when I could without hurting her.
    Now I wonder if I should have just left her alone, but the
    cysts would get very large.

    Is this problem related to breeding a soft feathered bird to
    another soft-feathered bird?

    > Denise,
    > > To my knowledge there is no known cure for these cysts and
    > they are heritable and can be passed on to future offspring
    > of the birds that are infected with them.
    > As far as your red factor being used as a breeding bird, I
    > would wait to make sure that whatever is making her feathers
    > stick out is not the start of cysts. You would pass this
    > along with her offspring and regardless of how beautiful she
    > is, it wouldn't be worth it in the long run.
    > Good luck with her and I do hope that it isn't what you're
    > thinking.
    > Michael L