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Re: breeding lady gouldian

Posted by Joyce on 4/20/06
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    On 3/14/06, winnie wrote:
    > On 3/09/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> They should be breed no earlier than two years old. Gouldian
    >> finches are known as bad parents and they are likely to
    >> abandon eggs and chicks. This is not to discourage you but to
    >> inform you. Also it is wise to have a pair of society finches
    >> on hand just incase trouble rises. Now it depends on the bird
    >> but from what i have read they need time to adjust to the food
    >> and may take their time to try knew foods. But just keep
    >> feeding them the yummy foods like greens and chopped carrots
    >> occassionally some chopped fruits and nuts and egg food. Also
    >> if you supply the nest with the material already inside they
    >> will like that and will kick out the stuff they do not need.
    >> They seem to prefer half opened nest box lined with fine
    >> grasses. My finches personally like green and white material
    >> and sometimes cotton, toilet paper and alfalfa and some others
    >> i can't think of. Well good luck!
    > thank you guys so much for replying
    > thanks again

    Lady Goulds, are not hard to breed. First of all they do not
    feather up in color until they are reaching a year old.The need a
    high protien diet, lots of calcium, need to be wormed on a regular
    schedual, and treated for air sac mites on a regular basis as well.
    They need a nest box at least 5 inches by 5 inches by 5 inches,
    non treated wood. fine stem hay is great. They are not great nest
    builders so you need to help them out. They like thier privacy, so
    do not keep checking every few days to see it they laid any
    thing.Leave them alone. Make sure they get at least 10 hours of
    light. They need a place to bathe, grit, charcoal, cuttlebone,
    good high quality finch seed, greens or sprouts, I make sure mine
    have powder kelp, three times a week, and spirlenea at least once
    a week. I keep out at all times snack attack which is a dry egg
    food. Plenty of fresh clean water. I must be doing something right
    as I have over 60 Goulds and babies in the nest. Do not try and
    breed your bird too soon. Always put the male in the cage first,
    then introduce the female in a day or two after that.Good Luck.