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Re: finches out of nest NOW WHAT?

Posted by jt on 4/18/06
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    On 4/17/06, jULIA wrote:
    > I have a pair of zebra finches and within 3 days of
    > purchasing them, they laid eggs. I have 4 baby birds now
    > that are very healthy but I don't know what to do? They
    > are out of the nest so do I take the nest down so the
    > original pair don't mate again? When can I give my babies
    > away? They have been out of the nest for 5 days now
    > (although they still go in and out). Also, They are in a
    > small cage. When do I take them from their parents? Please
    > help anyone that can answer my questions. I would also
    > like to know when they get their color? Thanks so much in
    > advance!@!!!!
    > Julia

    > i am pretty sure that you should take the nest out if you
    dont want anymore babies, and dont ever put one back in. if
    they lay agian, just shake the eggs if you dont want them to
    hatch. i would wait a few weeks to make sure they are all
    eating on their own before you sell them. best of luck to
    you! -jt