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Re: Male babies.

Posted by Kitty.J on 4/24/06
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    On 4/22/06, Terry wrote:
    > I have three month-old baby finches. I have just seperated
    > them from the parents(who have started a new family). I
    > keep the cages next to each other. I am trying to
    > the baby's sexes. Does anyone know at what age a male
    > start singing? Might his close proximity to dad's cage
    > prevent him from singing?
    > Also, the breeder said that it was ok for parents and
    > baby's to breed. I would not even want siblings to inbreed?
    > Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    You should not breed blood related animals unless yo uknow
    what your doing because they hole blood line can get messed
    up and deformities can start before you know what your
    doing. Well what type of finches are these?? My finches
    start to sing (if you call it that) two weeks out of the
    nest with is sometiems 5weeks-7weeks and at 9weeks old that
    will begin to mimic their father and though its sounds off
    they'll keep at it untill it almost identical to their pop.
    Are you sure they are males and also it all depends on the
    species of the finch but usually they start to learn their
    songs as soon as they are able to live on their own. Also if
    they are in their adult plumage now and you can tell they
    are males by looking at them maybe you just miss hearing
    them sing or think its the father because their songs are
    almost identical its hard to tell apart?