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Re: New white society finch...

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/03/06
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    On 6/03/06, Fran wrote:
    > Kitty, glad to hear 'Whitey" has found such a good home with you.
    Please keep us posted
    > as to her progress.
    > By the way, I would report that petstore that said they put birds
    in the freezer. Report them
    > to your local Humane Society, SPCA and/or District Attorney's
    Office. They should be
    > investigated and if this is true, shut down.
    > Looking forward to hearing how your new friend is doing.

    No. I just heard from others and I remember telling them that they
    had a sick society finch (she was very puffed and and not moving
    while birds trampled her around(this was the time they had all the
    types of finches together in one cage)) and I saw them put her in
    the bird box and go back of the store where the frozen food for
    animals are at. Also once they almost sold a mouse to a guy who
    actually said " Yeah I am buying this mouse as a present for my cat
    to ruffle around a bit" It was around Christmas and they would have
    sold the mouse to the guy if mom and I didn't have big mouths, lol.

    Today I woke up to a beautiful song and I looked around my room for
    the sorce of this music and Whitey was singing his heart out. I
    guess he is well enough now. It wss his first noise since being
    hear. Strange for a finch.. And I have decided I will wait a couple
    days before taking him back( want him to be well enough) and telling
    the store they should check their birds weight. And I will cpmplain
    about their empty birdseed shells again! I am always complaining...
    Well Today I am going back to the store to get the other white
    finch. Just 2 weeks ago They had 8 white finches... I wonder what
    happen to those lil angels...

    p.s: I know everyone says you should wait a few days before feeding
    your new bird veggies and all those goodies, but I fed them to him
    yesterday and today and wow he just gobbles his breakfasts right up,
    and is ready for the next meal! lol