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Re: New white society finch...

Posted by steph on 6/04/06
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    On 6/02/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > Frankly I do not care if the bird's been plucked bald, is
    > crippled, or has any other problems with it. I basically go
    > against the text book rule " Buy only the healthiest birds in
    > fullest plumage and avoid birds with missing toes, ect ect.." I
    > always find the birds who are plucked and alittle battered to be
    > very good mates. My birds that I buy I call rescues, because
    > seriously, if I hadn't boughten the bird who is the
    > most "ugliest" Who else would, and they really would miss out on
    > the bird I have gotten because they always turn out so great!
    > Okay, now that I have blabbered On I should talk about this bird
    > Pet stores in washington never really cared for their sex birds,
    > they may hostpitalize it and say a vet is treating them but
    > actually the bird is in a small cage in the back of the store
    > (saw this once) and they say their birds are fine when their
    > cages are bad ( not specifically talking about a certain pet
    > store, all of them in fact) And I heard from a worker at one of
    > the petstores I go to, is that sometimes they'd end the animals
    > misery by causing more misery by putting it in a extreme harsh
    > invironment called the freezer. True...
    > My bird, she seems to be coming around. She may be young. But
    > looks fully feathered. I am not sure she has eaten but while I
    > watched her while I read, She was hopping back and forth. I
    > haven't heard a noise from her (can birds be mute???) and if I
    > don't see her eat by tomorrow morning I may have to force feed
    > (do not worry I fed wild finches, sparrows, starlings, and baby
    > budgies before) I guess it will take her some time to realize
    > she is in her own cage with no other finches to bully her and
    > she has her own space and she needs to get use to the less noise
    > and the budgies they fly and climb all over me and for the harsh
    > and crazy words that come out of my starlings mouth (Not bad
    > language just a lot of whistle, words, words twist around and
    > noises he has learned >.<)
    > I'll keep you all updated on how well whitey (hasn't been named
    > yet) is doing and if she really is female. Thanks!
    > Kitty.J

    In defense of pet stores, or at least one, I have to say Petsmart
    is WONDERFUL! They adopt out dogs and cats from shelters, and
    there bird cages for finches and other small birds are always very
    roomie. I'll give them five gold stars!