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Re: Found a baby Chickadee

Posted by Stephanie on 6/08/06
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    On 6/08/06, Fran wrote:
    > Stephanie, what a great story that you were able to feed
    > this little baby! Make sure you provide a source of food
    > (birdfeeder) for him outside when you release him because it
    > will probably take him a while to learn to fend for himself.
    > Keep us updated! It's great to hear a happy ending!

    Yeah, we have feeders all over out side. I'm still concerned
    about releasing him. I mean I'm hand raising him. I'm sure
    there are things I could do, like when he learns to fly hang
    food in the front room and give him maybe a while to fly
    around and see how he fairs with the feeders. I'm also
    concerned because we have LOTS of cats in my area. Including
    my younger brother's and that cat is evil. He'll refuse to eat
    and go out and kill a bird. I think I may call Audubon for
    advice. I have been thinking about releasing it at the Rody
    garden. A bird refuge with mostly ducks and geese but many
    other birds like sparrows, meadow larks, starlings, blue jays,
    seagulls, and I'm sure chickadees. I'm still considering
    building him a large aviary with fountains and things.
    The little guy (I named him Daniel Icarus. Daniel
    because he survived the cat, and Icarus, because I tried to
    clean him with a damp cloth because he gets so messy from
    eating and he tried to fly, jumping into the glass of water.
    Poor thing!) had a tough start in live and he is just a
    survivor. I really want him to have a safe, enjoyable, bird
    friendly environment for the rest of his life.