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Re: Found a baby Chickadee

Posted by Tammy on 8/14/09
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    On 6/08/06, Stephanie wrote:
    > I clean for a living, indoor and out door work. The
    > other day I just happened to be taking a break out side
    > when I saw my employers cat stalking birds. So I got up to
    > shoo him away and I found a tiny little chickadee by the
    > tree! The cat had jumped on it so I drug the cat away.
    > Went inside to tell my employer but she was busy. So I ran
    > back and the cat was back again! I shooed him of. I looked
    > amongst the Ivy, but didn't see him. I feared the cat had
    > eaten him ot carried him off, but as I looked closer he
    > was huddled up close to the tree. So i picked him up and
    > looked for the nest for about half an hour. I saw the
    > frantic parents but no nest. So I took him inside. It was
    > hot and I knew it be another half hour or so till I left.
    > Probably an hour total before I got home and it had been
    > warm that day. So I grabbed some cool filtered water,
    > cleaned my hands, and started feeding him tiny drops of
    > water. He took to it right away, he was very alert. Soon
    > he started to cry. When I got home I fed him a mixture of
    > egg and seed with a dropper. Now we're using wet catfood
    > with the mixture.
    > It has been three days sense and he is doing great.
    > He has a healthy apitite, he loves me. I also have put him
    > in with my Zebra finches. The female is very young bit she
    > took to him. She feeds him, but she can't feed him enough
    > with her tiny beak. He's great though. Some of his down is
    > coming off. He had most his adult feathers in, but his
    > chest and back have some down.
    > I'm just so glad he's doing so well. It's very hard
    > to keep a baby animal alive away from his mum. I'm glad
    > it's working out. :)

    I too found a chickadee today and we are trying to find out
    what to feed him. How did you make your mixture? What do
    you mean when you say...Egg and "Seed"? Seed? what do you