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Post: Chickadee update

Posted by Stephanie on 6/09/06

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    Today I noticed Daniel was sleeping more than ussual.
    Ussually he'll cry at least every hour to be fed. He went
    a few hours with out crying so I woke him up for feeding.
    He wouldn't eat. I knew something was up. He wasn't lively
    at all. At one point he did open his mouth to eat but when
    I tried to feed him he tensed up and a few seconds later
    he was gone. I took him to my room for about an hour or
    so. I think he was still alive, but in a paralized state
    because he was warm and had good color. Though, about an
    hour later or so his color suddenly drained and he was
    cold. It was hard to let him go. when I put him in the
    grave I dug I couldn't help but stroke his little wings. I
    wanted to hold him again, but I knew I had to let go. On
    top of the grave is a piece of marble and a statue of St.
    Today would have been the fourth day I had him. I've
    been taking care of him around the clock. He was doing so
    well. I feel very sad that he died. I miss holding him.
    After the first 48 hrs I thought he'd be fine. I just wish
    he had reached adulthood. Again, I miss the little guy.

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