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Post: My zebra finch laid an egg

Posted by Kitty.J on 6/15/06

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    I am fimiliar with breeding finches and parakeets. But
    just recently after I put my hen with her new mate they
    hit it off very well. She lvoed him when she first heard
    his unusual "net" (Maybe she doesn't find his voice
    unusual maybe even sexy (for a finch) but to me its the
    weirdest "net net" voice ever). Well anyway( About two
    weeks later) I notice an egg in the food dish. I have
    notice them sleeping in their food dish instead of on the
    highest perch of the cage and she laid a single egg 2 days
    ago. No other egg since. Well she is not young. But around
    2 years of age and this egg she laid is small compared to
    the eggs she has laid before. So I am wondering how big a
    Zebra finch's egg should measure? Thanks! And sorry about
    my ranting I should've just came out and asked my
    question! lol

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