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Re: Egg sitting

Posted by Kitty.J on 7/04/06
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    On 6/18/06, Beth wrote:
    > My zebra finches began laying eggs about 1 week age. The
    > first four eggs were broken by the pair. I finally have 3
    > eggs in the nest. None laid yesterday or today. The hen
    > has not yet started "sitting". If laying has stopped
    > shouldn't she be sitting by now?

    She may be too young, not proper conditions to lay, not
    enough vitamins or right food. Some finches dont make good
    parents. I wish Michael was here... he would have responded
    to you as soon as you posted.. Sorry I didn't respond to
    your question I have not been on lately. Zebras are easy to
    breed ther emsut be a reaosn why she is not sititng. Not
    enough nesting material, food supply, too dark, these can
    affect her and one importanr one is she may be too young...